My Facebook account is csherquefranca, to those who are asking the Que is not Chinese, it's From Querijero, my grandfather is from Bulacan and he settled in Baler, Aurora.

Below is an email from my student friend Auds Montano. We're on constant contact so i won't put the date..
Mam if i want to make baked prods na pang healthy healthy like for example, cakes na pwede for diabetics,
 what type of sugars shld i use? Papano ung frosting non mam to make it 'healthier'? 

Then sa breads naman like cinnamon roll & ensaymada,
 is it possible na with cracked wheat ung dough nya? Does it make sense?

I thought of it bec marami na nagbabake & what makes it different from the rest diba? 
Iba iba lang ang design or presentation. But if il be able to do a healthier version then i'll
 capture a certain niche of the market. Meron akong regular cakes & pastries but i also offer 
cakes & pastries w/c are healthier. 

Thanks mam.

       My reply: 

Stevia is a better source of sugar but it's expensive. You can use the same sugar for your icings and
 fillings but you will need a ton of it so if this is the path I will take, I will plant my own Stevia so
 I don't have to buy. There are plants you can buy in Manila I'm sure..

Pwede naman mag add or sub ng whole wheat sa mga breads. 
Meron ng whole wheat ensaimada and siopao pero the highest you can use to make
 it taste okay is about 20%. After that  medyo yuck na.

Use transfat to make  healthier icings but it's expensive. But still pwedeng pwede.

Hello Shirley,

How are you? It;s me Gerry your old student i enjoyed taking your classes and i found out my daughter is 15 years old and is fond of baking. She already bakes cakes and a few other things but i would like her to get a more formal training in bread baking and of course there is no one else that i would like than her to be trained by you. I was thinking of enrolling her on this April schedule, is it still open?

Gerald Rojas, December 2016 class

==thank you Gerrry

Hi Ma'am Shirley, Gumawa kami ni Sean ng Pandesal tapos naglagay kami ng Tuna and Corned beef as filling. Nagustuhan nilang lahat. Nagbigay din kami sa employees ng Dad ko and gusto ng mag order ng secretary.Mag practice muna kami and I'm so happy. And yung water 58% talaga ang nagamit namin and 73 pieces ang labas :) yehey i'm so happy. Yung Dad ko wala talagang sinabi. Ha ha ha, in short hindi ako pinagalitan. Ha ha ha. 4 pcs ang nakain niya in one sitting. Hahaha. thank you so much!  January 2017 batch.

Displaying image1.jpeg
Photo of Pandesal made by my students from January 2017 session, sent just 5 days after they finished the lessons. All the way from Zamboanga. To husband and wife Aprille JOie and Sean Wee, thank you for sharing your wonderful story with me. Keep baking, i am impressed with your first bakes. = Sher.

Special thanks to ms shirley for teaching us how to make tasty breads!!! 88 pcs completed and sold!! All by myself!!

   Micah, did all these 2 months after her first baking class. Although i would recommend that she does more practice at home, her Pandesal was selling fast, and people want her to sell her breads already so why not, right? I am so happy for you Micah! (October class).

I recently purchased your ebook and was able to benefit from it immediately after i scanned the first part. When i was reading your ebook i was then in my practice of baking pandesal at home. Based on your ebook, i let my dough rise for one and one half hour and at the same time observed if it is already on its full expansion. Before , i usually proof it for only one hour. Lo and behold, as you said it, it got softer but retained the taste that i wanted based on my formula. Thanks shirley.

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After I bought your ebook in Dec. 2012, I ditched my old ensaimada recipe and only made yours.
Did I do good ? .... Never mind, I'll answer it my self. My eyes and taste buds say yes!  Of course I couldn't possibly finish all I make and to the recipients of these goodies, they wanted to order. I replied I can only do this on weekends!...Thanks
Gilda Legaspi
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March Enrollees

Thank you to Elaine, Tessa Ubano and Maria Paz Buenaventura-Cua who all texted me to say thank you, also my all girl class from February, Aimee and the others

Hi  Shirley, thank you for making me singit time, we just had breakfast this morning eating the French bread we made, i hope we can make these breads myself, it is the best. Maria Paz

Learned so much from your class, lahat ng mga ginagawa ko puro mali pala and i was glad i joined your class, finally na perfect ko na rin yung breads ko, especially the Pandesal. = Joy

February 25, 2013

Hi Shirley, thanks to your tips and methods in your ebook I was able to make this scrumptious ensaymada using the sponge technique and knowing how a developed gluten looked like. My hubby and son loved it so much. I've attached the picture of my finished product. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your passion for baking =) From Neim

photo.JPG  wow, Neim i am so happy for you and thank you for taking time to send me the photos of your work, glad to be of help.

Hi. Thanks so much. Just saw the ebook. Can't wait to start on them. I'm a very novice baker and live in a place where you can't have any pandesal unless you make them. And my cravings for them made me start googling pandesal recipes and that's where I found yours. I've done two different recipes from the internet already and still not quite satisfied with what i have made. I have just skimmed through the docs you sent and at first off, I really like how you have pictures of the different stages of the kneading process of the pandesal (which to me is the hardest to figure out since I never really hadn't seen or felt any pandesal dough at all). And as there's nowhere near me to teach me how to do it, the pictures will surely help a lot.
Again, thank you so much, From Mary Ann Sarmiento

Probably the best testimonial ever, thank you to Anna Solar. I just had a cake deco class with her this last Friday, November 30 2012 with her 2 sisters, 1 brother and parents in tow. It was a blast, and i must say Anna, you did not change you are still beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, not just because you went back and took another class with me, but because you made use of what you have learned and now selling your own style of breads. It was fun to hear from Anna's father and brother talk about breads, something that she taught them after she finished the class with me years ago (before i left for New York). Good luck with your cakes, i am sure your sisters will do well just like you.

October 2012, from Shiela Realubit

napakaganda po ng ebook nyo... thanks po sa inyo..
pero di ko pa po napeperfect yung pullman hindi pa ksi ako nakakahanap ng talagang size ng pan ko... =)

August 2012


I live in Germany and i miss Pan De Sal, reading your eBook brings me tears and i am so happy that i can now bake Pan de Sal and for the first time have my husband taste them. Thank you so much, i hope to meet you someday when i visit New York.


July 2012

I am opening a bakery, i have a 30 quart mixer and an 8-sheeter oven, all the works but i do not know how to bake breads yet. I hope your eBook can help me learn the ropes, thank you for answering my emails, i appreciate it very much. I love the step by step photos, i can't wait to try the recipes.

Amara from Nigeria

Below is a photo from Carlos Hablo of the Philippines, he already knows how to bake  i guess this time he wants to perfect his Pan de Sal. Great job Carlos. Carlo asked if i recommend dough brakes/rollers, the answer is no. The answer is also in the eBook, it explains why it is not mixer of my choice other than the obvious reason that it is dangerous to use.

.    July 2012


Hi  Shirley,

I would like to purchase the ebook that you mentioned in weebly. I am from the philippines. I will be happy if you can send me the ebook. May i please get the details of your sm bdo account so i can pay you? Thanks.

I have taken some clasees in bread making as welll as cake baking and decorating in other culinary schools like Heny Sison's, Sylvia reynoso:s,  but i am still not confident in making some of them. Probably, i just need to practice a lot more. My pandesal is not as good as the one in hands on class as well as my dinner rolls. its probably the mixer im using.  i only have a kenwood light commercial mixer. I am planning to get another mixer for I want to open up a bakery. I have purchased a commercial oven already, it hasnt been delivered yet, but yeah did the big step already to earn a bit of money. I will be happy if you could give some advice regarding where to purchase a good mixer here in Manila ( I am from Meyc., Bulacan ). I can not afford the one from welldone industries , it costs 60K.. I would really appreciate if you can give me  some pointers and things to do before i completely jump on this business I chose to open.

Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,
Flor Rubio-Exaltacion
Bulacan, Philippines


I just sent you the ebooks you purchased and thank you for trusting me with your baking questions. First off, yeah you are right, 60K may be a bit too much. You can start out with a 20 quart mixer, not that pricey maybe around 30-40 K and you can make batch after batch here, just learn how to time your production. I sold breads using a 10 quart mixer with only two helpers, and an 8 sheeter oven.

Do your canvassing, ask the manufacturer how long it takes to mix 1 kilo, what is the maximum capacity, and minimum load etc., They should know. Here, my mixer over heats after 15 minutes of non stop mixing at Speed 1. I would recommend a Spiral Mixer but if your budget is limited to a Planetary mixer, go ahead, just make sure you perfect the Sponge and Dough method because it will shorten the mixing times, reduce overheating and extend the life of your mixer.

Go to, Divisoria, Killion, and Binondo. Usually the cheaper versions you will find are Taiwan made, like mine and is still up and running.

Good luck

I'm from Pangasinan,i remember looking for a recipe about Wheat breads for home consumption,then i stumbled upon your site.In short,i purchased your Ebook and i was amazed with the details and techniques you impart,it was very informative.
I'm wondering now if you have another Ebook that deals with cakes, specifically the roll cake variety and its icing? I have a small bakeshop and here in the province the Yema,Caramel and chocolate icing are still preferred over the refrigerated rolls..

Kind Regards,
just recently (June 28, 2012) from Teody Siapno of Pangasinan,

Hello Ms. Shirley. Just wanted to share with you my experience of my second try at making ensaymada. The first one was a real disaster. I forgot two things at first: 1) You don't need a lot of water anymore if you use sponge and 2) It proofs faster if you use sponge. I totally forgot and the dough was very sticky and it overproofed. On my second try, I only used 50g water for 300g batch ensaymada. I was able to get the right dough consistency and I was able to make 12 50-gram ensaymadas. It still deflated a bit when I removed it from the pan although I think I have an idea why that was the result. I used a cake pan with about 2-in sides because I don't have a tray yet so the bottom part of the ensaymada was a lot paler than the top. I guess this is why the dough deflated. Anyway, I'll try to see if I can correct this once I have bought my trays. Richard's interest is in making pan de sal although he hasn't started yet because we don't have a big mixer and we're kind of doubtful if our Oster mixer can stand the pan de sal dough. He'll try to do the kneading manually though.

Anyway, I realize I haven't gotten to thank you properly after the baking class so thank you very much Ms. Shirley. You taught me a lot not only about the proper way to bake bread but also to be conscious of every ingredient used and not to be wasteful. I find myself thinking of ways on how I can use the excess ingredients I won't be using anymore and it makes me more creative in the process too :) I hope you're having a good time in New York and I'll be looking forward to taking up more of your classes (like your cake decorating classes) when you come back. Thanks so much again. :)

***To Janna, people like you inspire me to go back home and teach despite the huge airplane ticket fare, it does not matter, i love being with you guys! Thank you too!

"when i read your ebook, i can honestly say that you are not a selfish person, you tell everything, i feel like you are talking to me face to face" - Dina Sayson

Maraming salamat po sa pag post ninyo ng information about breadmaking, that's why nag purchase kami ng asawa ko para ma enhance po ang aming knowledge, especially po sa Pandesal baking. Malaki po ang maitutulong nito sa amin, lalo na po sa baguhan pa lang sa business na ito. -Joey De Borja

Again, from Joey - We've already started our business, and it starts by baking 300 pcs of pandesal.. Sold out po yung 300 pcs, and the feedback were quite good based po dun sa mga bumili..and we come out short based on the demand..Ang problema po namin nung una ay ang singkit cut, but nung nag purchase po ako ng e book nyo ay na perfect na po anmin ng misis ko yung singkit cut.. kaya lang po bakit po kaya nagkakabutas sa ibabaw yung pandesal namin during proofing, at advisable po ba na i halfcook po yung pandesal dahil iniiwasan po namin na masunog agad habang nagaantay po nang bibili..

" I just received the ebook and it is indeed a detailed description of many Filipino breads at easy step by step method. It saved a lot of my time and money researching baking books. " Kan Nagashima, zamboanga city


     " happy to see i can now do the baston after 4 trials, you were right i need a wooden dough cutter!!"  - anna solis

    "I read a few pages into the first part and i found your writing highly entertaining and quite detailed. I'm happy to have a very informative manual with a sprinkling of humor here and there. " Johanna of bacolod

" i am busy at work but when i find the time to bake i finally was able to bake for my wife and she liked it,"  eddie nacion 2010

    " ang ganda - ganda ng book, i feel like you are just in front of me talking, i have no problems understanding what you mean, thanks! " - gina alcazar

    " hi, remember me, i was the student who rushed to your class on your last day, i can't stop reading your ebook, can i also have the videos?" ferdinand of bulacan

     " thank you for letting me use your book in my baking science class, i can now bake breads just by kneading the dough manually, thanks sher " - gigi magno

      "i have been visiting your site for a year now, finally i can learn baking through your book, i am an ofw from dubai and i want to learn breadmaking" joey sison

      " my friends and i tried to have the book printed and it will cost us P13,000.00, di na bale but the images are so precised and detailed we wanted sana a copy to browse over everytime we bake, sayang but it's okay, love it!!!" - cherry and friends

     " thank you sa book, i was having a hard time perfecting my pandesal, now i can bake everyday, ang dami ko palang mali, i did not know that i have been making the same mistakes over and over, what you said about the yeast is correct!!!, it is so cold here in Germany so it makes sense why my dough is rising so slow " comments sonia rudd

       " the best easy to read book ever, good job, i have not baked before but i find your book an easy read" - claus baron

     " curious about how to make our old style "putok", i miss these breads when i was young, the siopao is exactly what my mother makes when she was alive, i will never forget this," roger of taytay

"SANA NOON PA KITA NAKILALA" Grace Ang King, to Grace, thank you so much also, you are so fun to be with, i really enjoyed your company. - December hands on class 2011.

From Geraldine Punay, " you have been a big help" - Geraldine, i am glad your bakery is doing well, i wish you good luck and thank you too!!

 And to the many other students and buyers who have made breadmaking a commitment, welcome to the club and a gazillion thanks to you all! 

Keep baking and Live For Bread!!!!

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