Live Online Baking Lessons


Create a Facebook with Messenger app account and request/add me as friend. My facebook account is csherquefranca. The live baking class will be open/viewed only through Messenger. If you do not have a Messenger app, or not my friend in facebook, we will not be able to connect.

Limited size class, only open to 3 persons per session. You will be sent the module upon request if you choose to sign up to any of the available lessons.

Payment is through Paypal, but make sure you email or text me first so get a slot. #09495705091.

Get your ingredients ready by the time you sign up. You are encouraged to practice the lessons immediately after. READ LIST of ingredients below.

You are free to send in photos and questions about the lessons after. There is no live tutoring online that is included AFTER YOU finish the lessons.

Classes will always start at around 8 am till about 1-2 pm Manila time. Please check your local time if you live abroad.

There will be at least 1 break, after the make-up (scaling, shaping, panning), session will be turned off. This will give you time to charge your device and let it cool down. 

Break time is proofing time, you do not need to watch the dough proof :), this will take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, except for the Pizzas or Flatbreads which only need about 15 -30 minutes rest time.

*so schedule your break here too, maybe you need to eat lunch, answer calls, etc.,,,,

SESSIONS WILL BE IN TAGALOG, AND PART ENGLISH. Majority of students are comfortable or speak only the local dialect, so if you do not understand Tagalog, this will be a problem to you. I apologize. I know this may sound harsh to some so i deeply apologize once again. 

Feel free to throw in your questions during the session, (one at a time please ), do not hold that thought, whatever it is , if it's about baking, let me know.

Fee: P2700.00/$60.00 PER LESSON. Payment is through Paypal or if you do not have a Paypal account, through any BDO bank near you. Text me for the account number. I have only one cellphone number to contact, please do not contact any other number, only this #09495705091 and only through this email address. If you have more questions, contact me through my Messenger at Facebook.

AFter you sign up, send me your email address so i can send you a material to read in preparation for your session.



=9 variations using just 1 dough, this is a great lesson because you can use 1 basic dough and create as many variations possible. It does not even end there, you can use this dough to make dinner rolls, soft flatbreads, Hoagie, Pan de Ciosa, Commercial cheap ensaimadas etc.,

spanish bread
tuna filled pandesal
pan de coco
loaf bread
cinnamon loaf bread
hamburger buns
hotdog buns

This dough stays soft and without mold in cool weather for 6 to 7 days, provided you handle it hygienically. Meaning, you use clean tongs and packaging. 
Session has lectures on ingredients, baker's %, costing, bakery management etc., so it's like attending a real full session without going through traffic and the hassle of waking up early to get to class.

The only downside is not getting your hands on the dough. This is why, i take you through the steps, you see the dough mixing, gluten developing, filling and the whole nine yards. 

Fee: P2700.00/$60.00


Lean doughs are doughs that have very little or no sugar, fat, and other enriching ingredients such as milk and eggs. Breads made from this dough are:

French Breads or Baguettes, Ciabatta, Pita Breads, Focaccia, Pizza Crusts, and other Flatbreads. You can also use this dough to make Calzone, crust Pandesal and turnovers.

 This dough is plain but the flavor is developed through LONG FERMENTATION AND THE USE OF A STARTER OR SPONGE.

You will be required to prepare about 300 grams of bread flour, a pinch of yeast and salt during the class so you can make the sponge the day before the session starts. 

***i will video call you 1 day before for instruction. You will use this sponge to make your dough, so it is important that you buy the ingredients before you sign up for this class and also the other lessons.

One of the reasons why Pizzas tastes great, is the crust. A simple topping of garlic, rosemary and olive oil, salt and pepper will create the best Focaccia if the dough is prepared properly, with long slow rise and fermentation.

Fee: P2700.00/$60.00


This dough also uses the SPONGE AND DOUGH METHOD

Special Ensaimada
 YEMA filled Ensaimada
Cinnamon Rolls
Special Pandesal 
Cheese Rolls
Cheese Pandesal
Doughnuts, Fried
Dinner Rolls
Challah or braided bread

My hands on class is more expensive but that is almost a 1 on 1 session because the class is also small. 

Fee: P2700,00/$60.00

Only 3 participants per lesson as with the others.

If, at one point you decide to take the hands on class, your fee will be deducted to the regular group hands on. 

Group fee: P10,000.00 less P8,100.00 (P2700.00 x 3) = P1,300.00 This is how much you will only pay if you decide to attend the hands on class. Make sure you email me ahead of time.