NEW YORK and USA Classes

I am bringing up the New York/ USA class again, which will open starting April2017.

The $600.00 fee is good for 2 students only and for New York. If you are coming with a third person, she/he will pay an extra $35.00 per day, or $140.00 for the 4 days. 

For areas near NEW YORK, New Jersey, etc., i may be able to travel to your area but the fee is $250.00/ day plus you need to cover my airplane or travelling expenses. Please email me as soon as possible so we can arrange a schedule for this and let me know your location.  

The lessons are the same, everything that we do in MANILA, we do it here in New York/USA. If you are planning to enroll, please do so in advance as i plan to visit New York or the US ONLY IF THERE ARE STUDENTS ENROLLING.

I will require a deposit, so please click the Paypal button on baking classes or email me if you want to ask some questions before enrolling. I will be happy to hear from you. 

Please make your plans in advance and reserve for the slot you like, such as the schedule you prefer (you can pick any schedule you want except Saturdays). 

If you have never baked breads before, never attended a yeast dough baking, commercial bread making class before, then please get a copy of the ebook or do some advance reading on yeast dough baking. The internet is full of recipes and techniques that will prepare you for the class.

The ebook, if you are attending the one on one class such as this one is 

refundable if you buy one before the class starts, but if you cancel out, the ebook is considered sold to you so it is non-refundable. If you pay the reservation, i will send the ebook at once for free, but will cost you the same price if you cancel out. I will charge you for the ebook if you cancel your reservation. ( less $56.00 from your deposit) and will be sent through Paypal.

Free video links and they will be sent to you after the first day of class.

**Once again, open a Paypal account, i will only accept reservations in New York thru PAYPAL, no checks please.


Fee in Pesos is P30, 000.00 inclusive of ingredients and you are allowed to shoot some video clips. I spent more than this to learn how to bake breads not to mention the ingredients i wasted, books i invested in and everything did not do a thing to make me get it. Four days and with lots of exercises for you to do at home while we are in session will definitely turn you into a passionate bread baker.

Thank you to my one on one students this past summer, Chris Acosta, Jui Szu Ko from Taiwan, and Stewart Lay and his siblings who all took the bread and cake classes. Love your stories and please email me if you have time. I would love to hear from you guys!!!

                                                                         penuche pastries 2017