Commute is easy, if you are coming from EDSA, then you take the COMMONWEALTH ROUTE, you pass by UP PHILCOA, TANDANG SORA, SANDIGAN BAYAN, THEN FAIRVIEW PROPER, WHICH IS ALREADY NEAR THE PLACE. ONCE YOU SEE THE FAIRVIEW MALL AND NCBA, YOU ARE NEAR, THEN YOU WILL PASS BY SSS, NORTH FAIRVIEW WITH THE FIRST STOP LIGHT, Pakisabi sa driver kung saan kayo bababa, sa may East WEst Bank corner Regalado, hindi basta EAst WEst Bank dahil maraming EAst West Bank sa Novaliches, so sabihin ninyo corner ng Regalado.

If you notice, the map faces the north side. Right area with the arrow shows you the route towards LAGRO, this is the second stop light after FAIRVIEW MALL, NCBA AND SSS.

**** If you are commuting, this is where you get off at the corner, in the waiting shed IN FRONT OF THE EAST WEST BANK. Huwag po kayo lalampas sa corner ng bangkong East WEst Bank, kasi papuntang SM Fairview na po kayo, at Lagro. Dito kayo sa East West Bank bababa, sa corner at sabihin sa driver na dito kayo ibaba kung nakasakay kayo sa bus or jeepney. I am repeating this because some students end up in Lagro and SM Fairview or even inside Sitio Seville.

There will be tricycles parked in front of the bank, wait for the WHITE PAINTED TRICYCLES, and hail one. Give the address, bk 6 lot 11 to the driver and he knows where to take you. Remember, beyond the corner of REGALADO BANK, IN FRONT OF THE EAST WEST BANK, IS LAGRO. This is where you need to get off. Wala pong ibang tricycle na magsasakay sa inyo, puting tricycle lang ang sasakyan ninyo.

For those with cars, GO STRAIGHT AHEAD AFTER THE SECOND STOP LIGHT, SLOW DOWN BECAUSE YOU ARE NEAR, you will pass by Diamond, Sea Oil, Bridgestone, turn left once you see SITIO SEVILLE Neopolitan VI TO YOUR right. Uulitin ko po, hindi kayo papasok sa Sitio Seville, hanapin ninyo ang Labayane na nasa kaliwa.  TO YOUR LEFT IS SEA OIL also, YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN ONCE YOU SEE THIS GAS STATION, then turn left TO LABAYANE which is right before a bridge, that is the left turn on your MAP.

 YOU will  SEE THE NORTH RIDGE PARK ARCH straight ahead Labayane street.

 You may need to also tell the guard you are going to see Shirley at the said address, 

Block 5  lot 13 for security purposes.

Inside the subdivision you will turn right immediately after the entrance, go straight down to the creek, TURN LEFT towards the basketball court. Guijo is on the 2nd street after the basketball court, turn to your left, you will see a blue roof and blue gate. 

Block 5 Lot 13 Guijo Street

Text me when you are near so i can meet you in front of the gate. 

Please call or email me if you are not sure of the directions.       tumblr cakes                    blogspot                   tel. 09495705091

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Block 5 Lot 13 Guijo Street