Nope, they are not poisoned. I just feel like i have so many excuses why i keep some decorated cupcakes in my freezer, chiller whatever you may want to call it. Not to be eaten. Just in case i have a guest. A student with a daughter. A friend celebrating her birthday. Sister visiting. Niece dropping by. You can think of so many reasons. Just let those cupcakes stay there for ...

This will be my collection of all the cupcakes i managed to photograph. I ruined a lot of photos when i dropped my notebook and was not able to do back up. :( These managed to stay alive.

Most of these flowers are piped using only tip #104. Decorating with Buttercream Class includes piping flowers directly into cucpakes. Dec. 21, please see cake and deco class schedules.

Gumpaste and Fondant with Royal Icing class.

Italian Merengue Silky Buttercream

Piping Ube Buttercream on Mamon Cupcakes. Watch out for my Video on Baking Cakes and Cupcakes, coming soon.

More photos to come. If you think the Roses and Carnations are easy to make, just ask my students who took the lessons. First timers said they would rather bake bread, others end up liking them but admit it was really hard. What i find is the contrasting appreciation for the consistency of the fondant and gumpaste. Some could not get that a fondant will always be sticky, if you keep on kneading sugar into it until it satisfies your fingers that won't do the job. You have to learn how to live with the stickiness and deal with it using just enough sugar so it won't be too hard to handle during rolling and shaping etc.,

Some do get it, others and they are very few just cannot. Pity. Solution? Keep making fondant and use it until you get used to the feel of the fondant and the gumpaste. It is not brain surgery. Once you get the hang of it, it will be a walk in the park.

End of the day, i will do buttercream and royal icing once a week, but gumpaste and fondant once a month if i had to. So many tools to deal with when you do gumpaste and fondant, but very little tools needed with just the buttercream and royal icing.

I apologize if i am going to be very stingy with the gumpaste schedules, it is just so hard to teach, we usually finish around 4 pm and my kitchen turns inside out when i do teach this class. Same thing with the Buttercream class but it is not too expensive so i can make a compromise.

Cakes and Petals

Pastries, food, Me and earth.

Sausage and Cheese Pandesal. Yum!

Sausage and Cheese Pandesal. Yum!


Nothing can go wrong with this combination. I used two kinds of cheeses,  cheddar and cottage cheese.  The Pandesal dough is whole wheat and i used brown sugar too to give it a more country style appeal.


Make sure you seal the edges.


Dredge in breadcrumbs and proof. If you notice i did not sift my homemade bread crumbs, i just got tired that’s all. Or eager to eat.


Baked at 325 F for 15…

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Starters, Poolish, Sponge, Pre-ferments

Starters, Poolish, Sponge, Pre-ferments

Add Levain, Mother sponge, Biga and many other names, basically it is a mixture of flour, yeast and water. That’s it. Really?

Actually, add another ingredient. Time. Maybe Patience too. Without these two, your sponge or starters will not make sense.

samsung june 2016 578.jpg

Day 2. This mixture of water and bread flour (Windmill brand) was done on a warm afternoon, this starter has no yeast but i was able to coax some…

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Covering the Dough

I remember 2 years ago i was training a group of bakers and one of the bakers upon seeing my proofing rack “ay bakit may takip”? Once you enter my baking area, you will see may proofing and cooling rack covered in just plain canvas sheet. I had an option to have it lined and covered with glass but this would present a problem once i placed hot pans inside.

The condensation will build up and i…

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How to Bake Breads Hands On Classes

How to Bake Breads Hands On Classes

Due to proprietary reasons, i will not divulge some of the activities we do in class because i have been told that someone is copying what we do in class somewhere.

Most of the questions asked is, will i learn in just four days? Of course you will but just as any acquired skill learned from scratch, it depends on you. If you bake only once a week, or twice a month, then your learning will be very…

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Pandesal Recipe

Source: Pandesal Recipe

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Baking Cakes, Creaming

For beginning bakers, the way to cream properly is the tricky part. Some students that i talk to thought to cream is to dissolve the sugar and some thought to simply just throw in the butter and the sugar, give it a couple of minutes and that’s it.

To begin with, the temperature of the butter or margarine is important. I think this is where some mistakes start to turn wrong. Some add the butter melted and softened, some add it while it’s still frozen. Uhhh.

Both wrong. It has to be firm, not solid frozen but not too hard for the paddle or the mixer to make noises. Cut the butter into chunks, i like it cut into 16 pieces, and this also gives you an idea if the butter is just about right.

The sugar is also added gradually. Not all in one go. This allows the sugar crystals to be formed properly. Not to talk too technical, but this is how you build up air bubbles into the sugar and fat globules.

Next is to stop scrape and resume mixing. Very very important. About 3 times is ideal but if the batch is too large, then scrape the bottom and sides as you see fit.

What happens if the creaming is not done properly? Check out the height of your cupcakes or cakes. If the cake does not increase or puff in height, then it is a big failure. The batter was not aerated properly. You missed the mark. 

The cupcakes should be domed and puffy, loaf cakes should peak on the center and not lie flat as shown on the photos posted here. 

Cut the cake. Check the center and the texture. Cake should have no tunnels, texture should be fine and when you bite into it, it should be light and feathery, not coarse and crumbly.

For cake lessons, i have one scheduled for February 26 and 28. Learn the fine art of baking cakes. Properly. email me at or text 9495705091.

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