Nope, they are not poisoned. I just feel like i have so many excuses why i keep some decorated cupcakes in my freezer, chiller whatever you may want to call it. Not to be eaten. Just in case i have a guest. A student with a daughter. A friend celebrating her birthday. Sister visiting. Niece dropping by. You can think of so many reasons. Just let those cupcakes stay there for ...

This will be my collection of all the cupcakes i managed to photograph. I ruined a lot of photos when i dropped my notebook and was not able to do back up. :( These managed to stay alive.

Most of these flowers are piped using only tip #104. Decorating with Buttercream Class includes piping flowers directly into cucpakes. Dec. 21, please see cake and deco class schedules.

Gumpaste and Fondant with Royal Icing class.

Italian Merengue Silky Buttercream

Piping Ube Buttercream on Mamon Cupcakes. Watch out for my Video on Baking Cakes and Cupcakes, coming soon.

More photos to come. If you think the Roses and Carnations are easy to make, just ask my students who took the lessons. First timers said they would rather bake bread, others end up liking them but admit it was really hard. What i find is the contrasting appreciation for the consistency of the fondant and gumpaste. Some could not get that a fondant will always be sticky, if you keep on kneading sugar into it until it satisfies your fingers that won't do the job. You have to learn how to live with the stickiness and deal with it using just enough sugar so it won't be too hard to handle during rolling and shaping etc.,

Some do get it, others and they are very few just cannot. Pity. Solution? Keep making fondant and use it until you get used to the feel of the fondant and the gumpaste. It is not brain surgery. Once you get the hang of it, it will be a walk in the park.

End of the day, i will do buttercream and royal icing once a week, but gumpaste and fondant once a month if i had to. So many tools to deal with when you do gumpaste and fondant, but very little tools needed with just the buttercream and royal icing.

I apologize if i am going to be very stingy with the gumpaste schedules, it is just so hard to teach, we usually finish around 4 pm and my kitchen turns inside out when i do teach this class. Same thing with the Buttercream class but it is not too expensive so i can make a compromise.

Cakes and Petals

Pastries, food, Me and earth.


Vegetarian, Meat, and other variations

February 4
March 4
April 1

Everybody can make their own Pizzas. Small, large, minis!!! Pizza Sandwich! Why not? The same Pizza dough can make Pita Breads! Using a Pizza Stone, Pita Chips baking at the bottom to crisp them up. Again, same dough. Deep dish pizza, as requested. Lots of meat and mushroom inside. No kidding, the same dough can be made…

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Posted 74 weeks ago

My Loaf, My Bread

My Loaf, My Bread

Been a week since i had my last bread and i was craving for something to snack on one night i went down for a midnight raid on the fridge. There was nothing plain, all sweets, some donuts, some pastries and i did not want to fry an egg that late.

There was a loaf of …., and though i do not eat this anymore, i was really hungry so i grabbed one slice and munched on it. Nah. Just not the same. I…

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Posted 95 weeks ago

July 2017 Bread making Session

July 2017 Bread making Session

Just posting an updated Bread making session with my friend from facebook from a long time ago. She is a friend whom i met through facebook and we don’t get to meet here in Manila until i decide not to leave last May. If i left as scheduled, we both would miss each other again as it happens every year for like what,,, 4 years or so???

Anyways, here are the photos. She brought with her Surfina, a…

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Posted 99 weeks ago

Cakes and Decorating

Baking cupcakes, muffins and then on to the bigger world of Chiffon Cakes and Sponge Cakes is every girl’s dream. I would say most and not all because i have 2 sisters and both do not bake at all. Both would love to cook but i guess their careers come first so the cooking and baking part did not materialize.

For me, the picture of this lavish party food spread on Gulliver while he was tied up in…

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Posted 104 weeks ago

Baking Soft Buns and....

Baking Soft Buns and….

Soft buns are one of the best sellers when you have a bakery. I remember this bun or bread used way back when i was a child as a container for dirty ice cream in Baler. The soft bun is perfect for burgers and ham/cheese, tuna salad, chicken salad, and many other sweet and savory fillings.

The best thing about the bun is that it is soft and neutral. It is not sweet, but not too plain like a…

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Posted 106 weeks ago

Ciabatta At Home

When you’re hungry and have no taste for anything else sweet and fatty inside the pantry, what does one reach for? Bread! At least that’s what i can honestly say about moi. I would rather have a couple of slices of crusty Ciabatta with just olive oil, sea salt and pepper. That’s it. I’m done. It is still calorie ridden, not a low calorie treat at all but i must say, something on the lower rung of…

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Posted 107 weeks ago

Pandesal Story

So i got an email from a friend. … who asked me if i could help out with her baker, and just to make the conversation short, it is basically to critique their Pandesal and how to improve it sort of ish.

I agreed, what is one day right? So i asked her baker to show up at one of our sessions, i already had something in my mind on what to make him do, and also asked her to make him bring samples of…

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Posted 108 weeks ago

Cake Decorating

Below are photos of my last cake decorating class with Katrina and Anna Maria Garcia, both are Garcias but they are not related. Anna is from Davao, and Katrina is from Bulacan. Anna, in blue was a former bread making student from 2012 and she came back for the cake decorating lessons.

Photo shows Buttercream piping and Royal Icing flowers. Direct piping on cupcakes and also on icing papers.…

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Posted 109 weeks ago

Baking Pandesal with Fillings

Baking Pandesal with Fillings

Learn how to make the dough and the possibilities are endless. From one basic dough, you can create different breads both savory and sweet such as the ones shown below. You can use the dough to make Spanish bread, cheese bread, dinner rolls, fruit and nut, corned beef, asado, etc.,

One time my sister gave me some lechon from her husband’s birthday party and i used this filling inside a Pandesal…

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Posted 112 weeks ago

Baking Pandesal, Araw Araw (everyday)

Baking Pandesal, Araw Araw (everyday)

Posting my April session after we finished yesterday is a record. I usually do my blogs like once a month and after 2 weeks after a session, sometimes never.

Anyway, there were only 3 students this time, maybe it’s the heat i am not sure but this class reminds me of persistence. Once you have this, you will be a great baker in no time at all. Imagine me telling them, oh ha after the session, do…

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Posted 114 weeks ago