Cellphone number while i am in Manila is #09495705091                             

My facebook 

Deposit fee is refundable if you give notice a week or 4-5 days  before the class. If you move your attendance to another session, you may do so at least 5 days or more in advance only once. If you fail to give notice ahead of time, 2-3 days before the class, you will forfeit your fee. 

You may send someone to attend the class for you as a proxy if you cannot attend the session.

*refunds can be made through PICK UP ONLY, NOT THROUGH THE BANK.

    Bread making Lessons 

3 Days    P9,000.00               Deposit is P1500.00

 = very small class of 4 to 6 persons only so you learn more!

Basic Class 2 days 

February 18 and 21

May 17 20 23

June 21 24 27

July 21 25 29

September 13 15 17

October 13 17 21

November 10 14 18


** for those who want a 1 on 1 session, Fee is P22,500.00 for 3 days, good for 3 persons. Please choose your own schedule and send it to me so i can reserve them.

 A 50% down payment is required for 1 on 1 lessons. You will be sent a free ebook after you make the deposit. Also bring a 32 gb flash drive for your free videos.

                           CAKES/COOKIES AND CUPCAKES 

please text me for current schedule

 2 days P5500.00

=inclusive of ingredients

=small class, hands on, not demo

=learn how to make variations out of one basic pound cake or buttercake

=start selling cookies and decorated cupcakes this Christmas


--learn how to properly bake 

Pound cakes, Buttercakes, Chiffon Cakes, Chocolate Marble Cake, Mamon Yema Cake, 

Banana Cake, Fudgy Brownie, Cheesy Cupcake, Oatmeal Cookies,

Chocolate Chip Cookies, chocolate cupcakes, 

--bonus recipe FLuffy Boiled Icing, Italian Merengue Buttercream, Easy Beginner's and Decorating Buttercream, White Velvet Buttercake using all your leftover eggwhites for a Taisan like fluffy cake, French Merengues,  


                             ****Italian Merengue Buttercream

               ****Royal Icing 

                                  *****Fondant with Gumpaste 

--making icing, piping flowers such as Roses, Daisies, Violets etc.,

--piping on cupcakes, making Roses and other flowers Wilton method 

--Now open for enrollment. Please make a deposit at any BDO bank near you. Email sherqv17@gmail.com for bank details. Once you make the payment, please send the deposit slip to complete your reservation.



Pizza or French bread doughs will mix at 1 hour and a half, sometimes 2 hours if you use a No Time dough method.

 With a sponge, mixing time is reduced to just 20 minutes! Some doughs that mix for 35 minutes, mix for only 12 - 15 minutes. The amount of time you save, electricity and all, not to mention EXTENDING THE LIFE of your mixer is a huge savings for you as a bakery owner.

Students rave at the difference in texture, flavor and aroma of breads made using the sponge and dough method. This is a great investment and guarantees you that you learn yeast dough baking in just 5 days. If you are a beginner, and have not done any bread making at all, this is the class for you.

For one on one classes on bread making, please email me. If you wish to enroll in one on one cakes and cake decorating classes, the minimum number of students as in the bread classes is 2, fee is P7,500.00 per day.


* Please do not buy your mixer, oven etc., yet before you attend the first day of class. Some students jump into buying baking stuff immediately after enrolling in a baking class without knowing exactly the type of tools they need. It will cost you more money to buy some tools you end up not needing at all, so it is wise to attend the first or second days first before attempting to make any purchases.                           

***Please bring a container for your samples, at least 2 large for the one on one students and 1 piece large for group students, 9 by 12 by 3-4 inch plastic containers with lids.


Lessons will be held at Lot 11 Block 6 Yakal Street Northridge Park Subdivision, Sta. Monica Novaliches Quezon City 1117

* Near SM Fairview, Sitio Seville, NCBA Fairview, Casa Milan,SSS

We are in between Palmera Homes Phase 2 and 4 Novaliches

Once you see Labayane street, (Corner has a King Solomon school) go straight ahead to Northridge park.

For those commuting from EDSA or from Manila, take the SM FAIRVIEW OR SM LAGRO buses, FX, and jeepneys. Asked the driver to drop you off at the corner of EAST WEST BANK, REGALADO, cross the street and take the WHITE PAINTED TRICYCLE,  give the address to the driver and he will take you to  the place. 

Complete instructions on landmarks at this link sketch/location.

Email me if you need to clarify something regarding how to get here, make sure you know where to go days BEFORE the class, text me when you are near the area so i can meet you up in front.

You may need to tell our guard regarding where to go, just tell them my address and you are seeing Shirley Villafranca at the said address.

Please park right in front of our gates if you have a car, i will clear off the front both left and right for your parking. Thank you and see you all in my class. 

Yakal is the last street, turn to your left, look for the green gate with U design to your right.



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Please see these links cake and cake deco classes  and tools for details on what to bring. Email me at sherqv17@gmail.com to make a reservation.