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Cutting Pandesal, Baston Style

So how do we really do the Baston style "singkit" cut? First start with a slightly stiff dough, if your dough does not have eggs or eggyolks, a hydration of around 55% is ideal. 
I have seen bakers use less water, but that will make your Pandesal too dry and dense after 1 day or so so try to keep it slightly on the soft side, but not too sticky. Why? 
If you use a sticky dough for the Baston style cut, the dough will spread and will have a flat look rather than a rounded shape we are all familiar with. In Tagalog, "lalapad" ang dough so medyo flat ung Pandesal. 

So after you mix the dough, divide it into 2 to 4 portions if you are mixing  kilogram. Experienced bakers divide their dough into 500 gram portions, i do mine the same way. Flatten the dough, focusing more on the length and not on the height. The height of the dough should be around 2 to 3 inches only. 

Next, fold the dough while pinching the edges making sure the dough surface is smooth on the outside. If yo…
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Pita Breads and Flatbreads, Focaccia and Pizzas!!!

Flour, Water, Yeast and Salt 
These are the only ingredients you need to bake a delightfully crusty, flavor packed flatbread or pizza. Call it as you like it, the flavor in this bread is in the technique and method you use to make the dough, not in the ingredient. 
If you use the No time dough method to make the crust or focaccia, you will only taste the flour and salt, or some yeasty flavor of some sort, no deep hearty tones, something you cannot explain why you keep on munching on the bread even if there is nothing else there but the bread itself. 
That's how good and excellent it is. What method? Simple. Fermentation. It builds flavor, extends the shelf life, speeds up the mixing and proofing times, etc., etc., 
If you haven't tried making your bread using this method, you have to try!!! There are so many recipes online that you can find or simply just take a portion of the flour in your recipe, be it 1 cup or 2 cups, it doesn't really matter for a beginner. Add a bit of y…

Dough Enrichment, Adding Nutrients and Enhancing your Breads

There are so many things that you can do with your plain dough such as a baguette or pandesal dough. I love enhancing the dough with all sorts of grains, herbs, spices, seeds, dried fruits, nuts, and so on. Nothing should stop you from creating another bread from the same Pandesal plain dough or the pizza dough you have stashed in your freezer. Even store bough doughs can be made into something more interesting and hearty. 

I am sprinkling the dough with ground flax seed and chia , 

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