As a hobby or for business, your goal is to bake the best bread there is. Nothing beats hands on. So if you are planning to open your own bakery someday, or if you are already a bakery owner, then this class is for you.

I've been teaching since 2001, i have had my shares of stories of bakery owners who opened their shop without any background in baking at all. Some would come to my class and have no idea what a yeast or shortening look like. Most of them do not know what the food cost of their Pandesal is, how to do inventory, etc.. but the worst crime is,.... NOT KNOWING THE RECIPE/RECIPES OF THEIR BAKERY.

That is the top most problem of most bakery owners in the country. The baker owns the recipe, since he was hired knowing almost all that goes on inside the bakery and not the OWNER, yes, you!

Some students would come to me and say, "my baker told me to sell our Pandesal for P2.00, and i have no idea how much i earn out of it, kasi hindi ko alam kung ano nilalagay niya, how much sugar or margarine the recipe has". 

That pretty much says it all. There was one student, actually they were brothers and a sister who came all the way from Negros who were able to get the recipe from their baker so we did the costing.

During the break, they did the costing of about 3 of their products and amazingly, they said they were losing money all along. They knew they were, but this confirms their assessment. Good thing was that the bakery was in operation for only a month. 

In just two days, they were able to figure how to save and cut unwanted food costs from their operation. Something like from buying whole milk costing P250.00/kilo when the product is a plain pandesal that sells for only P2.00. to replacing the top of the line bread flour that has very low water absorption etc., etc., I made them change up to 4 ingredients that they are currently using.

And what again is the problem? Letting the baker decide everything. You will not prosper with this arrangement. It is emotionally draining, exasperating and a loss financially.

My advice? Take up baking. Make time for it. 

"may yeast pala ang pizza crust?" Ah, yes meron po.

"bakit okay naman nag bake ang ensaimada, pero bumagsak habang pinapalamig ko? answer. Sobra sa alsa. How do you check when the dough is ready to bake? Do the press test.

-nag papaalsa ng hindi tama, i have had bakers ask me what is the solution to "namamalat" na dough. Kind of surprising considering the owner just told me how (and this baker too) skilled this baker is, how long he had been baking etc.,

if you do not know how to properly proof your doughs, then i will not be surprised to hear why customers leave the bread on your counter after they just bought it

--breads are sometimes collapsing, sometimes tough and sometimes not just right that you get returns

---you do not use an oven thermometer. Yes, believe it or not, i had students who bake breads not knowing how to manipulate their ovens and still manage somehow to sell breads that are sometimes burnt and so on. I think you owe it to the public to serve them the best, not below par, hit and miss breads.

-no weighing scale!!!, really, some bakers from the old and beyond still use the "takal" method, lata ng pineapple juice to measure the water, etc., so if you ask them what the % of water they use, they cannot tell you...

--no standardized recipe. They just do it by the "takal" method, if one ingredient is missing, they just do away with something else with no consideration to what will happen if they substitute this with that.

---turning the oven on and off 4 times per day, even more. Unbelievable. To me, this is the height of incompetency of a baker, and i do not think one has to call himself a baker if he cannot properly time his loading and unloading, when to bake what recipe and how to adjust his baking time etc., etc., This is a crucial part of the baking process. You do not just turn the oven on without thinking which breads should go first and which ones should go next. Every preheating time wastes 30 minutes of gas, multiply that by 4 and you get 2 hours, 1 1/2 of which is a waste of time. You should preheat only once, and the rest of the dough, no matter how big the batch is should be baked in succession. Then you turn the oven off. Once. That's practical management. Very basic.

-if you do not know why the dough sometimes rises and sometimes it does not. You better take the class pronto.

--when you do not know how much you are spending and how much you are supposed to earn per day. 99% of my students who own a bakery have no idea how to do the food costing or even if they do, they could not because the recipes are locked inside the baker's brains.

---your baker does not listen to you. Why should he? He knows you don't know a thing.

-if your baker tells you what to do and not the other way around. You need to know more about this business than your baker. The role must be reversed. He is a baker, but you should know how to bake too. It is not enough to know the theories of yes, the yeast makes the dough rise, you need to show your baker that you can do it too. Otherwise, he will be holding the stick 24/7.

--your bakers work their own time. Cannot be. I hate to say this but i can tell when a baker is into this 100% if he shows up earlier than expected. I have had sessions where the owner and the baker takes the training and the owner arrives earlier than the baker. Pretty annoying to make the owner wait right?

---if your baker does not know why the breads are burnt on the sides and the center is pale. Of course there is something wrong, but to keep on doing this speaks volume of how incompetent the baker is. No troubleshooting?\

__nagpapaalsa ng walang takip ang mga dough, a baker i was training asked my why merong cover ang proofing rack and then asked me later kung papano gagawin niya para hindi mamalat ang dough. The answer to the first question is the second question. You cover the dough to prevent pamamalat or forming of skin on the dough. 

--matigas ang pan de coco at pandesal typical question from a student, solution? better mixing, hydration is higher, DO NOT USE DOUGH ROLLER, if you have a dough roller ditch it.

last update Marc 2019

More to come....