For those who have enrolled in the current schedule, there will be a change of venue, it will be the same subdivision, at NORTHRIDGE PARK, but just 1 street over since construction at our location block 5 lot 13 have just began.

If you want to visit, please make sure you email me first around first week of December when i arrive from New York. 

Construction of the baking school will probably take about a year or so,  kindly bear with me, the same hands on class and training will be the same so no need to worry.  

The new address is Block 5 Lot 11 Yakal Street, just at the back of the former site. 

Area unfortunately has no telephone line installed by PLDT so i apologize if there is no landline at this relocation site.

 My Cellphone is 09495705091 so text me if you have questions.

Nasa likod lang po ng Guijo Street, ang Yakal street at dito po sa Yakal ang bagong location, so lalampas po kayo bale ng isang kalye pagdating ng Guijo.

I will email enrollees a new revised sketch of the location. Salamat po.



Reservation fee will be deducted from the course fee, please pay the balance on the first day together with your deposit slip.

Email me once you made the payment so i can send you a reading material and what else to bring for the two take home exercises for Day 2 and Day 3.

You need to find a bakery supply store near you to purchase the ingredients you will use at home once you start baking after the class and also for the two take home exercises. 

You will need:

bread flour, instant yeast, dry milk powder, bread improver, margarine or shortening.

digital scale, preferably one that weighs in 1 gram increment

Only BDO is authorized to accept payment  for reservations. 


The rest of the fee will be paid on the first day, please present your receipt (pakidala po ang deposit slip sa unang araw ng klase). 

Email the photo of the deposit slip as soon as you made the payment to reserve your slot. Please wait for confirmation after.

Click this link for the latest schedule.

For REFUNDS, you have to pick up the fee or exchange it for the ebook and videos, payment through Paypal will be refunded through Paypal.

                                              CAKE DECORATING LESSONS 

P7500.00 fee

+free cupcakes to decorate and inclusive of ingredients

***Royal Icing piping flowers

***Buttercream, piping flowers, how to decorate a full cake Wilton Method

***Fondant and Gumpaste, Wilton Method flowers

+learn the basic in just 3 days and learn the rest at home with free videos, just bring a 32 gb flash drive so i can give you the files.

JOIN NOW, small class size

NO NEED to bring tools and tips  More Baking Articles for Beginners, a must read for all who want to really learn bread making.

   ***No more free videos. If you happen to see any post on free videos together with the lessons, please disregard it, i am no longer giving away the videos due to some technical problems. I apologize. 

Note the different lengths of the baguette, it is because 6 students did the shaping. Of course, this being their first, i had to do some tweaking just so they would look nice when they bake after.

The French bread is probably the most difficult bread for beginning students to shape. I have yet to see a student who can do this perfectly on their first try, so far it still is one of those things you have to perfect when you do it over and over. Just like any other skills out there.

Since baguettes are lean, the glaze have to be pure beaten whole egg. Or else, it would take longer than 45 minutes to take on color and that will dry up the breads. A very high temperature also is needed to give the crust that crispy and thick exterior. Steam is also necessary to give it that crispy crust so a fine mist of water 3 to 4 times during baking is a must.

Both the Baguette and CInnamon Rolls are made using the Sponge and Dough method. The Rolls need to be turned over 2 minutes after the bake so the bread will not stick to the molds.

***Do not forget to bring your plastic container so you can bring home bread samples. It should be at least 3 inches in height ( 9 inches by 13 inches) or one of those rectangular containers sold in the house ware department.

Please please please, do not show up with Sando bags, Paper bags, plastic shopping bags, or ice cream containers, or shallow microwave containers. Please have a heart and treat the breads with respect by bringing (i know, seriously) something bigger to fit the breads comfortably. It pains me when you moosh the breads and try to make them fit in a small container after doing such work in making their shape as pretty as possible. 

Reservation fee is P3500.00, (4 days Hands on Commercial Bread Making P10,000.00), you would need to deposit the fee at any SM BDO branch ( to SM FAIRVIEW).  

Reservation Fee is non-refundable if you fail to notify me 3 days or on the day of the class, 70% refundable if you notify within 5 days to a week before the session but you have to pick the fee at the sit You can only reschedule once.

 ***Fee is non-refundable if you fail to attend the second session.You will receive a copy of the ebook and video links  set if you forfeit your deposit.



                                                                          ONE WEEK OLD PAN DE SAL

Learn how to make these breads using the Sponge and Dough method, get a copy of THE BAKING BREADS VIDEO if you want to learn this method. The secret is not really on the ingredients, but on the METHOD USED TO MAKE THE BREADS.

ONE WEEK AND NOW TWO WEEKS, without preservatives just plain good old formula of Pan de Sal.  It was amazing to see how even the handling of the bread can contribute to your breads' shelf life, the formula for one should be balanced and i ate one of the three pieces left last night at 9 pm while watching the Olympics and it was still so soft. NO MOLDS (amag), not dry, not brittle and hard, still soft like you baked it on the same day itself.

Read more story on the Pan de Sal cut

Get the free formula of this Pan de Sal together with your two other recipes of Pan de Sal in the eBook upon purchase. Find out how this Pan de Sal lasted longer, it was a new formula i tried recently, a shift from the normal recipe i used to make.

Common misconceptions on Bread making:

*doughs need not be proofed, they are baked right after shaping. If you do this, your breads will be as tough as a rock.

*doughs need not be covered!!!! ah, what a big mistake. as i have had students whose bakers do not even bother covering the dough during make-up and after shaping. Really.

*here's the worst thing, dough is exposed to air condition or electric fan while shaping. If you ENROLL IN A BAKING SCHOOL and this is what you guys do, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! This is a big no no. Does it happen? Oh yes, it does and it just happen to be related to me by a former student who attended one of these classes before coming to me.

*you can mix the dough just by hand, in under 10 minutes. Hmmm, this is really what bugs me when i watch tv shows. Doughs are kneaded by hand, very very stiff, in under 10 minutes, placed in a bowl, proofed and then shaped. As simple as that. Does good tv time, but not quality bread that you can eat for days.

*why most breads in the Panaderias are drop dead hard once they cool, dry and too dense. Okay, two schools of thought when eating their Pandesal, one is the dense type and one is the soft type. The dense, crispy on the outside is tricky. You need to reduce the water, reduce the proofing etc., etc., Not much of a hard thing to do, anyone can do this. The hard part is how to make it softer for 4 days without using too much softeners. This is what i teach. Not the dense type.

*do you know why using dough brakes and dough rollers reduce your profit to about 30%?

*you can proof anywhere, just place a towel, cloth or plastic on top of the dough. Not! The plastic, linen or towel will stick during proofing and will ruin your dough.

READ THIS LINK TO KNOW HOW TO GET STARTED IN BAKING BREADS, a great insight into what to do first when baking breads is still just an idea.

bakingbreads blogs 

Any sale or illegal distribution of the ebook (print or online through facebook or any media sharing site) without written consent by the owner will be subjected to legal persecution under the Intellectual Property rights Law. 

 Pandesal above was baked in a Fat Daddio's pan and my brother was actually impressed how nicely they were done.                

Same bread recipe, just a different pan.

please see the baking class schedule.

Session runs from 9 am until all the breads, (4-6 variations) have been made (around 2 pm). Sometime sessions ran longer when students ask more questions and also when there are more than 4 students in a class.

Make sure you scour the place around you for bakery supplies because you need to buy them for your take home exercises. You will have at least 3 to do at home and would need a digital scale and a quick read or pocket and oven thermometers. Not the refrigerator or candy thermometer. These latter two are different. 


For baking students, the cost of the ebook is only P2500.00, for the special one on one students, this is free including the videos. 
 If you happen to see anyone sharing my ebook elsewhere illegally, please let me know) Thank you. You will receive a free video on breads as a gift.

(TABLE OF CONTENTS) EBOOK with free video if you purchase through Paypal.

 Start with the favorite Pandesal, Spanish Bread, Dinner Rolls,Soft Buns etc., and then start creating variations such as the one below.

Visit my blog to see my 20-quart mixer


***Master the procedures from weighing, mixing, checking the gluten, etc...

Ebook recipes are standardized, no need to test and waste ingredients experimenting to perfect your Cinnamon Rolls, Pan de Sal, Hamburger and Hotdog Buns, Ensaimada  and many others. Just follow the recipes, read through the instructions, memorize the photos and what or how the dough looks like and you will be on your way to creating your very own specialty breads.




                                         Shirley Villafranca                   Cell phone  #9495705091

copyright © 2017

I love this oven and frankly speaking, my students are impressed. For only 12 to 15 thousand, you can own one these days. I got mine for only P7 thousand way back 1998 and it still works. Bake 1 kg of Pandesal for only 15 minutes. I bake all sorts with it, cookies, chiffon cakes, cupcakes (48 pcs) in 25 minutes, pies etc., The only thing it is not good for is if you want to bake and sell Pizzas because you need a really hot oven for that. The walls of the oven warps when i crank the heat up to 500 F which is what i want for the pizza plus the baking stone. Not good. You need a really good pizza oven to make a really good pizza, not this one.